The Diagnostic Consultation

Chronic Pelvic Pain is complex and can manifest itself in many ways. It covers a wide range of problems related to the bladder, the sex organs, the intestines and the musculo-skeletal structures (joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves). Psychological and emotional factors often play a role, as do work-related activities and sport.

Often, patients with such problems have been examined by many different specialists – but nobody has looked at ‘the bigger picture’.

In the many years that we have been working with this class of patient we have learnt the vital importance of a good diagnosis based on a simultaneous examination of all aspects of the problem. Without this holistic approach there is a grave risk that some important aspects are overlooked.

How does it work?

Once you have contacted us, we will send you a questionnaire for you to complete and return to us. On the basis of your responses, we will determine whether it makes sense for you to be examined by us, or whether a referral is more appropriate,

The following options are then open to you:
•    You make an appointment for a telephone discussion (to get more information, to form an impression of our Clinic).
•    You make an appointment for a Diagnostic Consultation and we ask you to send us your medical history file (if available).
•    You make an appointment for the “F-active all-in-one’ program. Comprising Diagnostic Consultation and 6 hours of individual treatment over 3 days.

The Diagnostic Consultation itself

Before you arrive, we will have studied your medical history. The consultation itself consists of a 4-hour examination, carried out by two specialists. Following the examination, the two specialists confer and make a proposal either for a further examination or a treatment programme. The draft plan will be explained to you and, following discussion and agreement with you, the final version will be put together.

We have access to a multi-disciplinary network of doctors, pelvic pain physiotherapists and psychologists, with whom we have a close collaboration. The practitioners in our network speak the same language, and have in-depth knowledge and experience of treating CPPS. We refer in principle to these practitioners. Of course, you can also have treatment in our clinic.


Insurance companies do in the Netherlands, not refund the costs of consultations or information gathering. It may be different in your country; you need to check that for yourself.
The costs for each service are:
•    Telephone consultation:  €50/25 minutes
•    Diagnostic consultation : €850 (including a report, and referral if appropriate)
•    F-active all in one diagnosis and treatment: €1500