Fetske Hogen Esch, Owner and Managing Director of the F-act Pelvic Pain Clinic BV has specialised in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pain in the abdomen, lower back and pelvic area since 1991. She is one of the pioneers in pelvic physiotherapy and, for more than 25 years, has been treating people with chronic pelvic pain. She was the first pelvic physiotherapist in Europe that was trained in the Wise-Anderson protocol. She is known as the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of CPPS and regularly lectures on the topic both in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to her work in the F-act clinic, she is also owner of Bekkenfysiotherapie Hogen Esch and has spent more than 20 years training pelvic physiotherapy students. For many years she was responsible for the content of the Masters Course in Pelvic Physiotherapy at the prestigious SOMT University in Amersfoort.

Branca Smit has worked for F-act since 2010. In 2015, she successfully completed a Master’s degree course in Pelvic Physiotherapy. Branca Is specialised in the investigation of back, pelvic and hip problems. She sees the little details that can make all the difference. Whatever the nature of the problem, Branca is an expert in putting together an appropriate exercise regime. She also has a detailed knowledge of ‘Trigger Point’ therapy as she was trained by Tim Sawyer (Stanford Protocol) and knows exactly where to look for trigger points.


Elly Schuijt with her extensive  chiropractic and pelvic physiotherapy knowledge, she is an expert in solving difficult problems associated with nerve entrapment. Elly works with us on a part-time basis and we call on her services to investigate issues such as ‘frozen’ joints and nerve entrapments. Elly is a tutor in the third year of the Pelvic Physiotherapy course at the SOMT University, where she is responsible for the syllabus for the back, pelvis and hip course. She  also works for a large physiotherapy practice in Heiloo.


Marielle Koers is responsible for Office Administration and secretarial duties.