Of course, the diagnosis is only the first part of the story! We will be pleased to help alleviate your pain and to resolve your problems.

Individual Treatment in the Pelvic Pain Clinic

Of course, if you would like us to take care of you treatment at our clinic, this is always available to you. We work on a ‘made-to-measure’ basis and will put together a personalised treatment plan for you. If you come from some distance, we can create a multi-day programme for you and an ongoing course of exercises that you can do at home. The cost of individual treatment is €150 per hour. It is also possible to book an F-active-all-in-one programme.

What you will gain

-    a comprehensive individualized home program according to our findings
-     treatment sessions that will get you started with your home program
-    treatment techniques according to your needs ( pain- education, relaxation
              excercises, triggerpoint release techniques, biofeedback, electrical
              stimulation, connective tissue mobilization, massage, motor control
              retraining, joint mobilization techniques, stretching, neuromobilization)


If there is minimum of three people who need the same treatment regime, we can put together a group session. Please ask us for details. Follow-up treatment can also be provided via Skype sessions at a cost of €75 per half-hour.
Currently, Health Care insurers do not cover the costs of this treatment in the Netherlands.