Report of a 30 year old male

“I decided to attend the F-active Immersion Clinic to learn the Wise-Anderson protocol”
"I suffered from pelvic pain for about a year. Various physicians, however, had no clue of the real problem. After doing much research I came across the book ‘Headache in my Pelvis’ by Dr. Wise. After practicing some of the techniques mentioned in the book, I started feeling better. So I decided to attend the F-Act Pelvic Pain Clinic to learn the protocol. My experience at the clinic was wonderful. Fetske is an outstanding pelvic pain specialist who taught me how to locate and de-activate the trigger points, along with lessons in relaxation. I also learned the techniques of skin rolling and stretching from Branca Smit who also is an excellent pelvic pain specialist. In whole, the three-day clinic is well planned and the fantastic team at the clinic makes you feel comfortable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from pelvic pain."