Marco, Croatia, 35y, september 2022

Marco, 35, Croatia, september 2022
I had pelvic pain for more than half a year until I visited F-Act clinic. My condition was severely restricting my life, confused me and made me very anxious. I had trouble walking, was in pain a lot of the time and had other issues. But after the diagnostic consultation in F-Act I understood how to get out of this dreadful state I found myself in. I felt assured I would get better, with the experience and compassion of Fetske and her colleagues on my side. I trust the skills of the F-act team 100%, which is why I went with the treatments as well. In those I learned how to use the right muscles when using my core and learned to relax my pelvic floor. And every session involves a check-up, to see how am I going. I come with questions and leave with more knowledge on how to treat myself. This way I have a battle plan tailored to my specific needs. The pain is gone by now and I can walk, run and exercise. Now I am working on those last steps to full recovery: developing normal endurance and control in my pelvic floor muscles and being able to work out hard again.