David 45 jaar, Juli 2022

"She truly is a Sherlock Holmes when a diagnosis has to be made"
For some time now I have visited Fetske on and off for treatment for difficult and persistent pelvic floor pains. Fetske is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field of expertise. Her commitment and expertise is world class and just unmatched anywhere else in Europe. I highly recommend anyone suffering from hard to pinpoint or treat complaints in this area to visit her for help and guidance. She is persistent, supportive and totally focused on finding out what’s wrong and how this should be corrected. Treatment at the clinic, with the help of her associates including the also very trusted Branca, is excellent. Her extensive network of other specialized physiotherapists, urologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists and pain specialists ensures that if she cant figure it out by herself she will not rest until the best have reviewed your case or have treated you through her referral. Aside from that she is warm, empathic and a good laugh. Over time I have come to see her more as a trusted friend in need than a therapist. As I am a medical specialist myself I recognize that this clinic delivers what you would like any clinic to offer, but almost all lack, a high standard non quitting unrelenting care in a warm and friendly setting. She will go the extra mile for you and Fetske’s clinic is very warmly recommended.