"I am 95% recoverd, ther is no pain anymore, have left the depression treatment and I take no pills anymore. "
I am Carlos, from Spain. Like many others, I have been suffering pelvic pain for a long time, seen a lot of doctors from different specialities, followed all kind of treatments and spending money for nothing. All was ineffective. Certain treatments even aggravated my symptoms. I had an internal pain mainly focussed on my tailbone. It was very incapacitating, leaving me mostly in bed all the time. I also began having prostate problems, it seemed everything was getting worse and nobody could help me. I had to stop working, had no family or social life and ended up with a deep depression. I was surprised about the total lack of knowledge regarding this disfunction, couldn’t believe this was something happening in the 21st century and this was really scary. At this point I was desperate, so I did a lot of investigation on my own. I was lucky enough to find the F-Act Pelvic Pain clinic in Holland. I quickly contacted them and got an appointment for the All in one 3 day program . At that time I was unable to sit on a chair for more than 10 minutes so the trip was hard. The clinic is managed by Fetske who has made up a great team to assist her. The first impression was very good, there is no hurry and Fetske gives you a very familiar treatment, you feel that you are in good hands at last! During the first day Fetske, after the evaluation, explained me everything about of my disorder, I got the clearest picture and this helped me understand what was necessary to start getting better. Getting pelvic pain out of your life involves a multidisciplinary treatment and this is what I received at the clinic. Fetske gave me very valuable information and how to apply it in my case. Branca helped me with the physical part, teaching me all the necessary exercises and how to execute them at home. One thing I learnt from Branca: she has a small tattoo in her hand in the form a heart which she uses to remind her to love herself! This is important too. I attended the programme in October 2018. Only 3 months later I was already feeling slightly better. Today (May, 2019) I am 95% recovered, there´s no pain anymore, have already left the depression treatment and taking no pills. It takes time but it is possible, something I never thought could happen. But, to achieve this, you must be constant and work hard, I have followed all what I learnt at the clinic. I´m currently 59 years old but I now do a lot of exercise, eat well, do my relaxation sessions and enjoy life! Some time ago I was completely lost, the F-act Pelvic Pain Clinic and their team made me find my way again, I will be forever grateful to them, they are fantastic persons and friends now. And Enkhuizen is a beautiful and charming town, well worth the visit. Mei 2019