Wilhelm Tigerstedt

"I felt that they really cared about me and wanted to help me"
"I traveled from Finland to F-act Pelvic Pain Clinic to treat CPPS that I had suffered from almost 5 years. Before I found Fetske and her clinic I had for several years tried to find an answer to my problems and why I was having them. For several years I had extensive medical research done by top doctors and physiotherapist, including the prostate, bladder and pelvic area with no findings. I really had no expectations when I walked in to Fetske's clinic the first time. Talking to her I quickly realized that she really knows what she is talking about and that she has a lot of experience treating chronic pelvic pain in male patients. I was at the clinic for 3 days and she really looked at my problem form a new perspective, focusing on the whole body and not just specific organs and areas like all other treatments before. Everything was really professional and I felt that they really cared about me and wanted to help me. I also had treatment from Branca who is pelvic physiotherapist there. She put together an exercise program that I can do after the treatment at home to maintain all the work that had been done. I really can't recommend this clinic enough and I am so happy that I went there and got treated." Mei 2019