A. Schrander

"Staggering just that in one afternoon it becomes clear what I have been walking with for more than 10 years."
"I am a 57-year-old woman with a rather complex history, the most important and burdensome of which is a bowel problem with radiating razor-sharp tailbone pain. In 2003, after a long search, I had surgery for a fistula in the last part of the colon. I went into the hospital with this complaint and I came out with another: lots of cramps and a very sensitive stool. My biggest problem is that after "eating wrong" I get a kind of attack. Then I sometimes have to go to the toilet up to 20 times and after relieving myself several times I get razor-sharp pain in the tailbone area. Over the past few years the symptoms got worse and the pain radiated further and further into the pelvis. I raised the alarm with all the specialists, but I was never really taken seriously. It was always just assumed that it was bowel related, because after all, I had had a major operation. I had to learn to live with it. Even the regular pelvic floor therapy could not offer me more than relaxation exercises, without any result in terms of pain. I became desperate because the attacks and pain were ruining my life. I decided to look for a diet that would help me control my bowel problems. No bowel problems" would mean less frequent visits to the toilet and therefore less pain. It was a huge search, but since September 2015 I have been following the FODMAP diet and guidelines and I have peace in my gut. Actually, it is a diet for people with irritable bowel syndrome (BDS), but I am benefiting from it. Slowly, I regained some energy. Therefore, it was perplexing when I still inexplicably developed pain in my tailbone region again. The pain was suddenly there and within 15 minutes the pain was enormous; I was immobile for 2 weeks. I have good contact with my family doctor but she too could not find any cause or explanation. So I searched the Internet again, as I had done so many times before. Now I wasn't looking for bowel problems, but for pelvic floor problems and tailbone pain. I came upon a blog of someone with similar pain and read a reference to F-act Pelvic Pain Clinic. I checked everything out, watched videos on YouTube of the Anderson protocol, read everything and considered everything. After all, it's also a big step and (let's not be childish) also a hefty initial bill that you often don't get reimbursed for. But it felt right and how glad I am that I did it. First I received a questionnaire, followed by a pain consultation. After a whole afternoon of intense talking, very expert examinations and an awful lot of attention and expertise, the cause was above the table. It was simply staggering that Fetske Hogen Esch and Branca Smit were able to bring to the surface what I had been struggling with for more than 10 years. So much attention, so much love for the patient and so much enthusiasm for their profession. A treatment plan was made and a self-help program started and we got so many results. Within 3 months I felt like I was back in control of my life. I am now 9 months along and still making progress with my husband. I am no longer lived by my pain and powerlessness and my energy is back. I dare to look forward again. I am very happy and satisfied with the treatment by Fetske and Branca of F-act in Enkhuizen. Their approach would keep so many people out of the disease process. Incomprehensible that this is not yet picked up by the health insurance companies." October 2016