"My anesthesiologist recommended me F-act Pelvic Pain Clinic and has remained involved in the treatment"
In September 2016, I fell hard on my seat during a cycling race. X-rays were taken at the hospital the next day; no bone fractures could be seen. Still, I could not sit without pain for months, and I visited several experts: physical therapists, an osteopath and an acupuncturist. Three nerve blocks were put in the hospital against the pain. But after a year and a half, I was still searching for the right help. On the advice of an anesthesiologist at my hospital, I came to Fetske. Her knowledgeable diagnosis and positive, motivating attitude gave me the courage and confidence that things would work out. Based on her diagnosis and in consultation with my anesthesiologist, a new nerve block was put in place. Shortly thereafter, she started massaging away the adhesions that were in and under my skin. I was also given exercises to do at home. After three months of intensive treatment and exercise, I was almost pain free. I am cycling again and I am glad that I was treated very professionally and quickly by Fetske. July 2018